Streamlined Sales Tax: Marketplace Fairness…for whom?

As Back-to-School tax-free weekends make their annual appearance in many states, you can’t help but think about sales tax in general, and a favorite issue for national retailers to commiserate about: online-only and catalog retailers collecting sales tax only in states where they have a physical nexus.

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Who needs one hour delivery when you can have it in two to four weeks?

A growing ecommerce trend I’ve been seeing in the last several months that is beginning to get real momentum is the ability to buy direct from overseas (mainly China) through the online marketplaces.

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Responsive design – is it pixels or percentages?

Responsive web design (RWD) has become a big discussion topic among ecommerce practitioners over the last two years. So what is responsive web design anyway?

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Ecommerce: Not your mother’s flagship store

“My ecommerce site is just another store”. “My ecommerce site is my largest store”. “My ecommerce site is my flagship store”. All of these statements are true. However, in order to fully leverage the ecommerce opportunity, your ecommerce site is all of the above, and much more!

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The Need for Digital Retailing Talent Development and Research

There are two “mega trends” in retail that have created, and will continue to create both a need for talent and a need for rigorous consumer and industry research:

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