Christmas in May?

Wait, what - That’s crazy talk. Christmas in May? – what in the gosh dog darn…

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Ecommerce: Not your mother’s flagship store

“My ecommerce site is just another store”. “My ecommerce site is my largest store”. “My ecommerce site is my flagship store”. All of these statements are true. However, in order to fully leverage the ecommerce opportunity, your ecommerce site is all of the above, and much more!

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Supply Chain Leaders: Do you have the conductor to deliver transformation?

The complexity of today’s fashion retail environment with Omni-channel requirements and rising customer expectations is creating more complexity for the supply chain. I recently read an industry report that suggested the success rate for transformational business initiatives is only 30% and 70% fail to realize their full objectives.

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In today’s fast paced retail world, there is no lack of new strategies, technologies or break through ideas on how to improve business. One hears such buzz words as “Omni-Channel”, “Big Data”, “Personalization and “Mobile”...

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A Tradition Unlike Any Other

Getting a behind the scenes tour was more than I could have asked for - because I would not have known to ask. Berckmans Place (BP) is not known by many – by choice...

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Riches in Niches – Strategic Segmentation

The easiest thing for businesses to do is just “spray and pray”.

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Leadership Center for MBA students. One of my first questions to the class is, “What is
the purpose of a business?” Without exception, I get an answer of “To make a lot of

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The Need for Digital Retailing Talent Development and Research

There are two “mega trends” in retail that have created, and will continue to create both a need for talent and a need for rigorous consumer and industry research:

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