Labor: Strife and Shortages are the Supply Chain Achilles Heel in 2015

It’s 2015 and the supply chain is increasingly becoming a more complex operation. Demand driven requirements, omni-channel, and the increasing pressure to cut costs while improving service are forcing supply chains to become more sophisticated...

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I read a study this morning all about Retargeting and it made me stop and think. The study was written for an audience of marketers who could use the retargeting data to justify more budgets being dedicated to marketing. A very strong case was made to use this technique to be more relevant…

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Big Data, Small Data, or the One Thing?

A recent interesting white paper from the NRF think tank that explored one of the issues of so called big data. The white paper “Small Data is Key to Successfully Mastering Big Data” spoke to keeping the key point of what the retailer is attempting to solve from getting lost in the forest of big data. Big Data or today’s reality of new disparate data sources from social media, smartphones, etc. can introduce important new data points for a retailer to learn about their customer and more importantly how they make purchasing decisions.

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