Brands build value! What must come first is an understanding of the Company’s brand's value propositions and how to emotionally connect them to the Customer. We believe branding is an important part of being sensitive to how customers perceive your product or company. We use branding to send signals to customers to build value awareness, brand equity, and drive transactions that the customer understands in the product value equation.

The TRTT team has built both National and Private brands across many categories, including Men’s, Women’s, Home, Intimate Apparel and Footwear, and in a broad range of products, including Consumer Goods, Fashion and Basics. We understand the opportunities of expanding a brand's product base and the development of new products under a Brand Umbrella.

We research and analyze the product category in a marketplace to help define the brand’s value in the Market. In doing so, we are able to build an integrated strategy that includes merchandising, product development, marketing, supply chain, and E-commerce.

  • In today’s retail environment, Private Brands are essential to a company’s profitability. The TRTT team understands how to build a unique “Brand” so that it is not just an inexpensive, commodity product but one that develops into a loyal destination product that is extremely profitable. We have successfully built multiple Private Brands in a wide variety of products.

  • We develop unique visual brand language, introducing new photographic filters to update brand image and increase brand equity. We also set guides around the use of photography, tone, color, typography, graphic layout, and overall look & feel – all to build brand consistency.