E-commerce is the growth driver of retailing. Beyond ecommerce, one-half of all in-store sales are influenced by the web and mobile channels. Retailers and brands require an end-to-end strategy to optimize the E-commerce and Omni-channel opportunity. An optimized strategy leverages the strengths of one channel to offset shortcomings in another channel while providing a superior customer experience.

A holistic digital strategy includes channel merchandise assortment strategy, acquisition and retention marketing plans, customer experience, digital platform technology, operations, logistics, and financial plans. Our TRTT team members have built successful digital strategies for large and small retailers, for start-ups, and for single channel businesses.

We can help build digital as a cornerstone to your brand or company. Digital, in isolation, can be completely attributed. Knowing click from click, screen from screen can give amazing information. We monitor things like what is being viewed, how often, and for how long, sales conversions, what content works and doesn't work. While the Internet is the channel most closely associated with digital marketing, others include; text messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, display ads, digital television and radio channels. We believe digital is one, albeit the most important, way marketers can build awareness and equity in their brand.


    The Global Digital Retailing Research Center at the University of North Texas is built upon industry/ academia collaboration and represents the only University research center focused solely on digital retailing. One of our TRTT members is Senior Director of the Center and communicates regularly with the ten-member "Thought Leaders". This in turn further extends our ability to help retailers and brands develop current and meaningful digital strategies.


    The accelerated growth of E-commerce and the increasing demands of connected consumers require that retail store management be well-versed, trained, and knowledgeable in all aspects of digital commerce. Our TRTT team has experience in digital executive education, including leading workshops and retreats with global retailers. Topics have ranged from Merchant of the Future, to Omni-Channel Logistics, Analytics and Big Data.


    One of the issues that accompany the rapid growth of digital retailing is the shortage of talent. Retailers need digital skill sets in site merchandising, online marketing, social media, mobile commerce, analytics, customer experience, web development, and design. Shortage of digital talent ranges from leadership positions to managers, analysts and trainees.

  • TRTT has developed a strong network through years of industry experience. In addition, past leadership of the largest trade association in digital retailing has contributed to this network. Also, leadership of the only digital retailing degree program in the US provides a continuous pipeline for future leadership