The employees of an organization are one of a company’s most valuable assets. The understanding of structure, training, and recruitment across all channels, is a strong element of the TRTT’s skill sets. We build performance-driven organizations that leverage the workforce in every segment of the business, to realize a higher return on investment, increased productivity, decreased operational costs, improved customer and employee retention, and a host of other benefits. By employing key workforce management practices, the TRTT team, through our first-hand experience, is able to help companies reach a higher level of employee performance leading to increased profitability.


    We have experience across all retail sectors, including department stores, specialty stores, discount businesses and off-price retailers, in designing, building and developing exceptional Merchandising, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Planning & Allocation teams. We can work with you to develop the best linkages, reporting structures and collaborative models for your teams to work most effectively across your organization.


    One of the issues that accompany the rapid growth of digital retailing is the shortage of talent. Retailers need digital skill sets in site merchandising, online marketing, social media, mobile commerce, analytics, customer experience, web development, and design. Shortage of digital talent ranges from leadership positions to managers, analysts and trainees.

    The TRTT has developed a strong network through years of industry experience. In addition, past leadership of the largest trade association in digital retailing has contributed to this network. Also, leadership of the only digital retailing degree program in the US provides a continuous pipeline for future leadership.


    One of the most powerful tools a company has is employing the correct executives for a specific position. To do so, one needs the experience of the role to be able to ask the correct questions and set the proper guidelines.
    Given the breadth of experience of our team, we have the background and network to find the Executive with both the skill sets and culture to fit your company’s needs in any area – Merchandising, E-Commerce, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Planning & Allocation