Merchants must look at their business situation from a “1000-foot” point of view to be successful. The Merchant view has to combine the needs and wants of the Customer, the value of the product, the Marketplace environment, current trends in the category, the company's business model and an understanding of the competition. TRTT team members have deep and broad Merchant experience to assist retailers in developing this skill in their Merchant team.

A thriving and growing company today needs an Omni-Channel merchandising, planning & allocation, and supply chain strategy that delivers a destination experience for the Customer, whichever channel they choose to shop. Aligning a merchandise strategy, channel initiatives, an execution plan, creating processes to eliminate road bumps, and building innovative teams are elements that the TRTT team has delivered throughout their careers.

  • Today's customer expects a seamless shopping experience across all of a retailer's touch points. These new dynamics require Omni-Channel retailers to develop merchandise, marketing, financial, and allocation plans, as well as flow strategies to facilitate product positioning and fulfill customer demand wherever the customer chooses to complete their purchase. The TRTT team can help you develop seamless assortment plans, merchandise financial plans, and allocation & replenishment approaches to deliver the right product to the right place for your customer segments. We can help you build demand forecasts by channel based on your financial parameters, and create cross-channel flow techniques to insure that you meet your customer service levels.

  • Successful Merchandising begins with an analysis of individual products currently being sold and how they affect the brand, other elements of the product mix and the financial picture. TRTT is exceptionally well versed in “Market Basket Analysis” which allows one to make strategic decisions as to the Customer you want to obtain, the mix of products that create the highest degree of competitive advantages, sales, profits, loyalty, brand awareness and traffic.

  • The TRTT team has experience across all retail sectors, including department stores, specialty stores, discount businesses and off-price retailers, in designing, building and developing exceptional Merchandise Planning and Allocation teams. We can work with you to develop the best linkages, reporting structures business processes, and collaborative models for your MP&A team to work most effectively with all of their retail partners in your organization, including the Merchandising, Stores Management and Supply Chain functions.

  • Innovative new products are the life line of any company. Understanding how to create new products from concept to market is a process that requires real-world experience to successfully execute. The TRTT Team has that qualification! We can help you develop any type of product from concept to design, manufacturing, through the supply chain and to the store. We have worked with fast fashion categories and in replenishment businesses, ranging from apparel to home goods and consumer products.