In today’s retail world Supply Chain has become an intense focus and in many cases a competitive advantage for those that have the most advanced technology and standards. TRTT is well versed in the needs of retailer and wholesaler in getting product to market as well as to the Customer.

  • Retailers and Brands are under constant pressure to reduce costs and improve shipping performance. Omni-channel and customer driven requirements are continuing to raise the bar on delivery quality and shipping timelines. TRTT executives have improved and then transformed supply chains and distribution capabilities to meet exacting requirements that support ecommerce, in-store fulfillment, and traditional supply chain objectives. We have worked with the latest technologies, including WMS, TMS, and inventory movement and visibility tools. We understand the tactical and long term issues and can work with you to develop a strategy that continuously moves you toward higher performance.

  • As retailers are increasingly utilizing stores as fulfillment centers, the inventory accuracy must be dependable for success. Item level RFID has become the de facto standard for keeping on floor inventory accurate within store systems. Omni-Channel business models have highlighted one of retail’s traditional issues in that on-floor sku accuracy will reach unacceptable levels over the course of the fiscal year resulting in high out of stocks of replenishment items. Store inventory systems don’t have visibility to the real inventory resulting in high out of stocks that lead to lost sales and customer dis-satisfaction. TRTT have developed RFID strategies and worked across trading partners to implement many of the initial RFID retail programs in the US.

  • The retail and brand community have successfully developed guidelines and practices that facilitate floor ready requirements. Again, multiple channels change the game and retailers and suppliers are moving to Omni-channel ready requirements. The executives at TRTT are experienced in EDI, POS, and GS1 standards and understand the challenges that are created by new savvy customers that utilize ecommerce, smartphones, and tablets in their shopping experience.